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The Warrior 

Photo by MCSN Sarah Bitter

The Warrior Wash Workshop is designed as a Biblical response to
Post-Traumatic Stress Injury, the Warrior Wash cleanses veterans of war-contamination. Whether a warrior was involved in close combat or never left their service support office, the Bible says everyone who sets foot in a war-zone is vulnerable to the spiritual wound called “death-shadow.” The Bible also prescribes a way to be cleansed of death-shadow. The Warrior Wash uses the model found in Scripture to offer today’s warriors a way to leave the effects of war behind them. 


If you are a veteran who is trying to put the war experience behind you or if you know a veteran who returned from war and is struggling to find their joy again, then we invite you to the Southern Rockies Camp and Retreat Center to experience the ministry of a Warrior Wash Workshop. Warriors will experience the cleansing from war-pollution that will restore them to their family, their nation and their God.









The Warrior Wash Workshop

Place: Southern Rockies Camp and Retreat Center

Sacramento, NM 

Dates: June 5 - 11, 2016


To sign-up:

Click here
 and fill out the form. *Write "Would like to attend Warrior Wash" in the comment box.*

Interested in Funding a Retreat for Soldiers?

You can help fund a weeklong retreat for 20 soldiers. To find out how or for more information, please call us at (254)212-9338. 


You can also send any donations to:

SREC, Inc.

42535 State Hwy 118

Fort Davis, 79734

"Who should come to a Warrior Wash Retreat"


Please click her to view a short

For more information about Warrior Wash, please visit:

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