What are 6 days of Shooting Camp Like?

Summer 2020

Arrival at camp during the daylight hours


7:00 pm -  Dinner at camp

8:00 pm – Safety brief and preparations for next day

Day 1: 


7:00 AM        Breakfast

8:00 AM        Foundations Pistol 

                       (4 hours)

12:30 PM       Lunch

2:00 PM        Vehicle Defense Solutions

                       (2 hours)

7:00 PM        Dinner

8:00 PM       Evening activities 

Day 2: 


7:00 AM     Breakfast

8:00 AM     Situational Pistol (4 hours)

12:30 PM    Lunch

2:00 PM     Long-Range Pistol (2 hours)

7:00 PM     Dinner

8:00 PM     Evening activities


Day 3: 


7:00 AM     Breakfast

8:00 AM     Adaptive Pistol

                    (4 hours)

12:30 PM    Lunch




6:00 PM     Dinner

7:00 PM      Night/Low-Light                                  Shooting (2 hours)

9:00 PM     Closing and Awards


Day 4: 


7:00 AM     Breakfast

8:00 AM     Begin departure for those not                        participating in Rifle


8:00 AM     Rifle sight-in and check

                     Practical Rifle (4 hours)


12:30 PM    Lunch

2:00 PM     Situational Rifle (2 hours)

7:00 PM     Dinner

8:00 PM     Evening activities

Day 5: 


7:00 AM     Breakfast

8:00 AM     Adventure Rifle (6 hours)

7:00 PM     Dinner

8:00 PM     Evening Activities

Day 6: 


7:00 AM     Breakfast

8:00 AM     Closing and awards

9:00 AM     Prepare for departure


What To Bring!

Required Equipment for each participant

Eye & Ear protection

Serviceable holster.  Note: Holster must be able to maintain its shape, no nylon holsters

Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines


Suitable range wear which includes:

Pants with belt loops

Rigid belt

Closed toe shoes

Cap, or a way to keep hair out of your face

Lose fitting or low cut shirts are not recommended

A way to carry spare magazines

Serviceable handgun

It is recommended that you bring a Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P, or a Springfield pistol from the XD line.  There is a lot of information to cover in a limited amount of time, and going over the different safety mechanisms of different pistols to ensure the safety of the entire class takes time away from the material we wish to cover.  If you do not have one of these pistols, we can provide one for you.