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MAY 17 & 18
JULY 26-28

Join Me for a Weekend Getaway in 2024!


I wanted to extend to you... and especially to those in the past who have wanted to experience a memorable time with us shooting in the mountains... a rare opportunity to join me and my staff for one of our Weekend Getaways & Shooting Experiences in the Southern Rocky Mountains this upcoming year.


With all that is presenting itself in the world today, I feel it is vitally important for us to brush up on our firearms training, and what better place to do this than in the majestic mountains during the beautiful Spring, cooler Summer, or brisk Fall.


Take the time out of the busyness of life to gift yourself or that special someone AN UNFORGETTABLE, MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. You are not too old, and it is not too late to enjoy a NEW experience. We just had a father and son team join us recently during our Shooting Camp who made lifetime memories together as they trained with their firearms in the mountains.

Our Weekend Getaways will truly be an UNMATCHABLE EXPERIENCE, and I would like to share it with you. The Southern Rockies Shooting Camp and Mountain Retreat is located south of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, and is nestled in the quiet pine tree covered mountainside. Through private instruction, you will develop new abilities while achieving confidence, growth and a sense of accomplishment. Shooting Camp is designed to teach skills and safety while giving experienced marksmen an opportunity to test and perfect their shooting abilities. 


During Shooting Camp our goal is to help equip and prepare you to be able to protect and defend yourself with your firearm in a unique fun environment. Due to the pace of instruction, Shooting Camp is not a place to learn how to shoot. You should have basic skills before arriving, and all firearms must be zeroed before arriving. We do not have time during class to do this. However, if you would like to attend and have little firearms experience, then please call me to get enrolled in some of our foundational classes or take some private lessons to get you up to speed so you can enjoy Shooting Camp.

I would like to personally invite you to come celebrate one of our Weekend Getaway Shooting Experiences with me and my staff. We plan on selling out, and only have a limited number who can attend. If you are interested in going and would like to join us on this incredible adventure, follow the 2 steps below. For additional information, please contact me at: or 817-919-7990. 


Anticipating a Memorable Time with You,

Chris Rainey

Owner of Proactive Defense

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